We have been securing the safety of humanity against supernatural threats and fringe science since the 4th century BCE. Our Hunters are the best in the business. They are well trained, well resourced, and known to our partner agencies and allies as professional, committed, and trustworthy.

We take all reports of otherwordly creatures and irregular science seriously. No imp is too small, no apocalypse engine too big.

Our sphere of operations is largely Northern Hemisphere, although that does not mean we are not willing to go further. Indeed, the Covenant’s motto has occasionally been cited as: Ultra finem, in profundum, pro mundo.

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In all seriousness…

The Covenant is a fictional organisation belonging to the game world of an online Monster of the Week campaign being run by Sam Fleming. Current adventures are in the News section. Check the categories for mission collections.

In the game world, the Covenant is a remnant of the League of Corinth, also known as the Hellenic League — the Covenant is also known as the Hellenic Covenant, and has been grandfathered into the United Nations, but neither organisation is especially happy about it. The Covenant runs teams of Hunters who save communities from supernatural evil, and sometimes they may stray too far into “the ends justifies the means” territory.

Our current play mode uses multiple Hunters per player, with players choosing which of their roster to assign to a mission based on a brief description of the mission parameters. Games run over video conferencing using shared documents to organise and track play. Teams and players change from session to session depending on interest and availability. The game is deliberately designed to foster detailed narrative and collaborative worldbuilding. Each mission is a one shot, although information uncovered in the course of play will fill in and develop more details about the wider game world, its politics, and other shenanigans.

There are always shenanigans.

We make sure of that.